Sherri Marie Design

We Are Human

"We Are Human" is more than a public service campaign... it's a Movement. It’s a series of posters, experiences, stories, and online interactions that bridge a human divide.

This project is inspired by my own experiences. I travelled a lot. I lived with the Navajo in the Southwest, spent a week in Scotland, travelled to Alaska, and immersed myself in the Islamic culture for a year. I learned to read and write Arabic and wore a hijab in public. I met some incredible people along the way, but throughout my travels, I witnessed and experienced prejudice- and it was heartbreaking.

I created this project to not necessarily change everyone’s minds about how they view the world- that’s almost impossible. But what I knew I could do was bring to light the similarities we all share and promote tolerance.

Creating an emotional and human connection and a safe place to open dialogue will help spread the word and create positive change in our world.