Sherri Marie Design

Under The Moon

Under the Moon is a dinner celebration of the Harvest Moon and all that Autumn has to offer. Creating a sensational experience for this event was of the utmost importance. Attention to texture, smell, taste, and sound was incorporated into the overall design. The project initially began with identity development, including the logo design, color palette and typography, all of which were inspired by herbs and earthy textures. This caters well to the lifestyle of the client hosting the dinner celebration.

The invitation design followed, including the official invite, an event program, and an RSVP card. I created my own handmade paper out of recycled materials and incorporated herbs and spices, such as rosemary, cinnamon, and oregano, to add scent and visible texture to the piece. The invitation was hand delivered to the client's neighbors in Warren, NJ, and homemade Rosemary Butter Cookies were included in the delivery. I sourced and stained the cookie box, created the inserts, baked the rosemary cookies, and composed the entire design into a deliverable package. I also created and designed the dinner and drink menus, the event plans, table settings, and herb-inspired favors for guests to bring home.